Traditional climbing is the art and science of using removable gear to protect climbing routes.  Climbing Life’s Head Guide Eli Helmuth has been leading traditional routes since 1985 and in 30+ years has established hundreds of traditional route around the world as well as training hundreds of climbers to become capable and competent trad leaders.  Join Eli in Puerto Rico where we primarily train on limestone escarpments in the art and science of traditional climbing and after this seminar you will be capable of leading trad routes on your own.

We can customize this seminar into 2-4 day components and work on your schedule to meet your needs.  Pricing is based on a 1 or 2 person outings although this can be taught to groups as large as 6 climbers at one time.   All trad equipment is provided, participants have ideally done some sport leading and are competent leading at a 5.6 level.  We can also train new leaders in both sport and trad lead techniques and have you on “the sharp end” as soon as you feel ready based on this training.

Prices per person start at $100 to $250/day based on group size and please contact us directly to schedule your training days in Puerto Rico.  Discounted lodging is available as well close to the climbing site.  We are also experienced in training climbers in multi-pitch leading, climbing performance, self-rescue, and first ascents.