2018 Puerto Rico Course Schedule

December 18-20 Ciales, Puerto Rico

January 3-5 Ciales, Puerto Rico

February 17-19 Ciales, Puerto Rico

March  19-21 Ciales, Puerto Rico

April 3-5 Ciales, Puerto Rico

May 26-28 Ciales, Puerto Rico

June 3-5 Ciales, Puerto Rico

August 18-20 Ciales, Puerto Rico

September 1-3 Ciales, Puerto Rico

October 30-Nov. 1 Ciales, Puerto Rico

November 25-27 Ciales, Puerto Rico

December 18-20 Ciales, Puerto Rico

Price: $485

Program Goals

Taught by Senior AMGA Instrucor Eli Helmuth, the Single Pitch Instructor Program is designed to meet the needs of today’s climbing instructors and this course should enable candidates to safely manage the technical rigging,  perform potential rescue, and become capable as educators of rock climbing in a single pitch setting.

The SPI Course can be scheduled privately with a minimum of three students on any available dates, year-round, conditions and location dependent. Write or call for availability.  We have taught privately contracted courses in numerous U.S. States and foreign countries as well as with U.S. Military groups.

From the AMGA website:  www.amga.com

The AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Program is the only nationally recognized single pitch climbing instructor certification program and is recognized by many land managers, insurance companies, other associations and of course the general public. The program is designed  for current, active rock climbers that have a real desire to teach the rock climbing to novices in a single pitch setting.  Candidates should be passionate rock climbers that have their own equipment, regularly climb, and have been rock climbing outdoors for at least 12 months. Candidates could be current university personnel that teach climbing, NOLS or OB climbing instructors, Scout Leaders, Summer Camp Professionals, University Leaders, and climbers that wish to achieve additional training, experience and certification to gain employment as a Climbing Instructor in any of these settings.

For the purpose of the SPI Program a single pitch climb is one which:

  • Is climbed without intermediate belays and presents no difficulties on approach or retreat, such as route finding, scrambling or navigating.

Course and Assessment Process

The SPI Program is a three-day (27 hour) training course which  is typically followed (days or months later) by a separate two day (16 hour) assessment.   Certification lasts for three years as long as the candidate keeps current AMGA Membership and First Aid Certification.

After three years, current SPI’s will re-take the SPI Assessment to re-gain the SPI certification.

Taking any higher level AMGA Course also re-certifies the SPI certification for another three years.

ClimbingLife Guides teaches the SPI course in Ciales, Puerto Rico.  This course can also done on-site for schools and companies on a private basis, year-round.

American Mountain Guide Single Pitch Instructor Provider

SPI Course Overview

The following three day outline is the standard progression for the SPI Course. Your course may have a different daily schedule and it is acceptable as long as the entire curriculum is covered in your course.

Day 1

  • Session 1: SPI and AMGA Program Overview
  • Session 2: Professionalism
  • Session 3: Equipment
  • Session 4: Knots and Hitches
  • Session 5: Belaying
  • Session 6: Protection and Anchoring
  • Session 7: Teaching pedagogy
  • End of Day Debriefs

Day 2

  • Session 8: The Climbing Site
  • Session 9: Site Organization and Group Management
  • Session 10: Base Managed Sites
  • Session 11: Assistance Skills – Base Managed Sites
  • Session 12: Programming and Risk Management
  • End of Day Debriefs

Day 3

  • Session 13: Instructor Demo Lead Climb
  • Session 14: Top Managed Sites
  • Session 15: Lowering
  • Session 16: Assistance Skills – Top Managed Sites
  • Session 17: Rappelling
  • Session 18: Climbing Movement
  • Session 19: Review Sessions
  • Final Individual and Group Debriefs
For more information on prerequisites for the SPI course as well as the  SPI exam requirements, please visit the AMGA website here.
Please call or e-mail with questions or to book your next training seminar:

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Course Instructor Eli Helmuth is the 18th U.S. Licensed IFMGA Guide and former director of the AMGA Alpine Guiding Program.

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