Lynn Hill Conservation

A legendary Colorado climber speaks out on the 2012 election.

The Romney / Ryan budget proposal calls for liquidating millions of acres of America's public lands.

If elected, Gov. Romney would "reverse the trend of public ownership of lands."

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Pamela Pack Offwidth vid

Off-width climbing is a niche pursuit in the world of climbing.  Pamela Pack  is up for this  brutal and  demanding challenge.

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Jacinda Hunter Balance vid

Jacinda Hunter shares her insights about the balancing act of being a mother of four and chasing her own personal passion for the sport of climbing with Prana Mindfulness Ambassador Mark Coleman

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El Cap Nose Speed vid

In a wild and dangerous ascent, Dean Potter and his climbing partner Sean Leary set the speed record for climbing up the Nose Route of Yosemite Valley's El Capitan. The trust in each others ability and judgement is absolutely essential, as a fall by either climber could have grave consequences for both.

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JStar in Kentucky vid

In our final episode, Jonathan travels to the Red River Gorge of Kentucky to face his greatest challenge to date: The Vader Project. In the journey towards completing this project Jstar learns many lessons about first ascents, success and failure, and the psychological challenges of climbing full-time.

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JStar Hits Utah Limestone vid

In this episode, Jonathan Siegrist escapes the heat of Utah's lower valleys to find cooler conditions in the Wasatch Mountains. Jstar visits the relatively unknown crag "The Hoop", and repeats "Moose Licks", an epically thin and bouldery 5.14b.

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British TR/Trad/Headpoint vid

The forth in our series of unseen archives from the Posing Productions' footage vault. This clip shows a head-point ascent featuring one of Gritstone's great lines; 'Reservoir Dogs' E8 7a at Widdop in Yorkshire. The piece was actually shot in 2008 whilst making the film 'On Sight', ironic. Great bit of hard climbing from Gaz Parry, music by James Frazer.

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Pou Brothers Orbayu Big-Wall vid

"Lo que hace especial este proyecto, básicamente, es que ya no es una vía de máxima dificultad, en este caso de 9a. Sino que es una vía de 9a llevada al terreno del alpinismo. Es un estilo totalmente vanguardista, el más puro, el más ético, el másEl más que se puede en este caso, el estilo libre, llevado a una gran pared de 500 metros, con seguros precarios, posibilidad de caídas de 20 o 25 metros Y yo creo que ahí radica realmente la máxima importancia que tiene este proyecto de Orbayu. " Eneko Pou

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Alex Honnold- Solo Triple vid

On June 5 and 6, 2012 Alex Honnold made the first ever solo link up of Yosemite's Mt Watkins, El Capitan, and Half Dome, climbing 95% free solo with a few points of aid. He finished the solo triple in 18 hours 50 minutes.

This is raw footage from his climb of Watkins...

For REEL ROCK 7 tour dates, trailer, and tickets, visit

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Daniel Woods RMNP FA's vid

In early 2012, Sanuk climber Daniel Woods established 3 of Colorado's hardest boulder problems in the alpine environment of Rocky Mountain National Park. The film features First Ascents of Mirror Reality (v14), Mind to Motion (v14), and Paint it Black (v15).

Also featured are shots of how Daniel trains to prepare for a climb that will test his mental and physical capacity. Watch as he creates, prepares, and executes what was thought to be impossible...

Film and edit: Courtney Sanders

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Chile Choriboulder vid

Al día siguiente del V° The North Face Master of Bouldering reunimos algunos de nuestros atletas en un rocktrip hacia Choriboulder en el Cajón del Maipo, con la idea de compartir conocimientos de esta apasionante disciplina y que se conozca un poco más de este increíble spot en el mundo internacional de la escalada.

Atletas The North Face:
Alex Honnold
Alex Johnson
Cedar Wright
Facundo Langbehn
Lucas Gaona
Yuji Hirayama

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Dean Potter: Death vid

Dean Potter talks with prAna mindfulness ambassador Mark Coleman about death -
something that is ever present for all us. When we acknowledge death, it can give us perspective to help live our lives to the fullest.

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JStar hits the Canadian Rockies vid

In this series we follow Arc'teryx athlete Jonathan Siegrist around North America as he hits different areas from Western Canada to Kentucky. Along the way JStar sends new routes and repeats area classics, and ultimately faces his greatest challenge to date.

In this episode, Jonathan Siegrist travels to the Canadian Rockies to sample the limestone of Acephale and Planet X, then wraps up his Canadian tour with a stop at Lake Louise's quartzite crags.

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Rob Pizem- Weekend Warrior vid

Think that being a weekend warrior is hurting your climbing? Meet Arc'teryx athlete Rob Pizem, full-time teacher, family man, and weekend warrior. Rob's boundless energy is poured into an obsession for new routes, but he also makes time for a regular life. As Rob says: "Use your time wisely. Don't mess around, get it done!"

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Robinson Power of Breath vid

Climber Paul Robinson talks with prAna Mindfulness Ambassador Mark Coleman about breath.
"How I breathe really effects my physiology, when I breathe deep and slow, I get more focused and can definitely climb harder." ~Paul

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Chris Sharma Realization vid

In July, 2001, Chris Sharma made the first ascent of Realization (AKA Biographie), the world's first confirmed 5.15 (9a+), in Ceuse, France. This short film shows the process he went through trying the route for many weeks over several trips, and the actual footage of the historic first ascent. Excerpted from the full-length film Dosage Volume 1, available at

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