Le Tango Vertical vid

"Le Tango Vertical"

Starring: Natalija Gros
Director: Jure Breceljnik
Camera: Jure Breceljnik
Post-production: Erik Kapfer

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Dragon's Horn China Rock vid

RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE: Part Two, The Dream Route from Cedar Wright.  After managing to climb the unclimbed north Dragons's Horn, we rested for a few days and then headed up for a new route on the steeper and more impressive South Dragon's Horn. Follow Lucho and I as we establish one of the Best Climbs of Our Lives!

If you find our adventure compelling or entertaining, please donate even just a dollar in the name of our climb to Big City Mountaineers, so that urban teens can get the chance the get out on their first wilderness adventures! summitforsomeone.org/main.php?page=4&climber=8058

Hopefully you are inspired to get after an adventurous dream of your own creation. Much Love for the Journey!  Cedar.

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Flight of the Frenchies vid

Thanks to you all !

WE HAVE BEEN OVERWHELMED BY THE REACTION FROM PEOPLE VIEWING OUR TRAILER AND YOUR HUNDREDS OF COMMENTS, and we hope to be able to film more projects in the months & years to come.  You can download and access more informations about the film including video tutorials on my blog at www.sebmontaz.com

Highlining pioneers Tancrede and Julien have come to the spectacular and atmospheric cliffs of the norwegian fjords to try and turn their ultimate dream into reality.

Music kindly offered by:  Uddhava www.facebook.com/Mattouaki
Drunksouls www.drunksouls.com


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Lake District Climb History vids

‘Islands: Traditional Tales of Lakeland Climbing’ is a three part film, giving an insight into the world of hard traditional ascents in the birthplace of rock climbing, the English Lake District. With sport climbing and bouldering gaining popularity, this film provides a deep and sometimes comical perspective on the great British trad climbing tradition. A sensitive and cinematic documentary film, that represents the Lakes and it’s characters in a simple and poignant way. Directed and produced by Dom Bush of Land and Sky Media, featuring first ascents and hard repeats from Mike Przygrodzki, Stuart Wood, Adam Hocking and James McHaffie and interviews from Dave Birkett and Leo Houlding.
All credits at the end of Chapter 3.

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Sasha DiGiulian 14d

Sasha DiGiulian. "Pure Imagination" 5.14d (9a).

Filmed and Edited by: 3SM

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Indonesian Tower FA vid

After a whirlwind three day travel sequence Lucho and I found ourselves on Tioman Island staring up at the mythical "Dragon's Horns." It was hard to believe that only one of the huge jungle spires had been climbed...until we started the approach...then it made more sense. But after some epic jungle bushwhacking which culminated with me being attacked by giant hummingbird sized wasps, we someway, somehow, managed to summit the unclimbed Dragon's Horn on our first full day on the island. We topped out at night and endured a shiver bivy until about two a.m. when an an impending lightning storm encouraged us to rappel at night. I hope this short film captures some of the magic of our Experience.

We are raising money in the name of our climb for Big City Mountaineers, an awesome program that gets under resourced teens into the wilderness. Programs like these are close to mine and Lucho's hearts and we'd really appreciate even a couple dollars donated in our names.... find out more by going here.

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Quebec Ice Trip vid

Québec Ice Trip by the Petzl crew.

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Yosemite Valley Climbing vid

Music:  Green Button Music
"As The Clock Turns"
"The Museum"

Random Rab
"K'Khana" (Featuring Rigzin)
"The Alienist"

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Fraid Lines 13R Eldo vid

Jenn Fleming redpoints Fraid Lines in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado.

See more content like this in The Stash, exclusively on www.dpmclimbing.com

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Patxi Usobiaga Bio vid

Black Diamond athlete Patxi Usobiaga has won World Cups, world championships, and onsighted 8c+. Now? Injuries from a nasty car wreck have forced him to retire from the training rigors required for competition climbing and high-end sport climbing. Patxi, forever obsessed with climbing, has redirected his motivations and aspirations into enjoying the freedom and adventure of multi-pitching on Europe’s endless limestone alpine walls. The video below was shot on the immaculate walls of Austria’s Rätikon by Bernardo Gimenez and does a wonderful job of profiling Patxi’s transition in his climbing life.

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Mexico Roc Trip vid

October 31, 2010: The climbing at Petzl RocTrip Mexico is in full swing, with nearly 50 Petzl athletes from around the world and hundreds of climbers from across the Americas arriving at the massive El Chonta cave outside of Taxco, Mexico, a few hours south of Mexico City.

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Wide Boyz 5.14 OW vid

Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker are in the US for 8 weeks in search of the most difficult off-widths they could find. "Century Crack" is the hardest off-width in the world. Stevie Haston attempted this route in the 90's with no success. No one believed the route would ever be climbed...

Alstrin Film & Hot Aches Productions have teamed up to document their two year journey.

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China Rock vid

To donwload the music of the video, to see more pictures and read all the stories of Petzl RocTrip China, please head to the Petzl site here.

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Fred Nicole Bio vid

Fred Nicole's lines have inspired thousands and pushed our imaginations to stretch the possible into reality. The first to climb the grades 8b, 8b+ and 8c, he redefined what is possible. His vision and passion are largely responsible for the development of the hardest lines in the best (and best known) areas on Earth, from Magic Wood to Hueco Tanks, to the Rocklands ~Rock and Ice

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Lander Climbing vid

Lander, Wyoming. Beautiful climbing, wonderful people. Here is my angle on it.

Cinematography & Production: Kyle Duba

Shot in the Fall of 2011

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Norway 9a FA vid

In this video, Jorg Verhoeven is working on establishing Nordic Flower (9a)? that consists of  a 55-meter roof climb located in what is now being called the Hanshellern cave.

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