The Love Letter vid

Still clinging to young man's dreams, a 30-something professional revives his youthful vision of summits and faint trails and abandons work and the city. The Love Letter follows a pair of climbers in search of new and classic climbing routes across the spine of the Sierra, into difficult to reach stretches of the range. In the clutter of the modern world, can wilderness restore the human spirit?

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Gritstone Highball vid

Some Climbing on the gritstone edges of Derbyshire.

Eli comments: These are well padded and safe compared to the  original trad leads with almost no pro and definitely no pads,  so not really a "step-up" in style but way safer.  Highballs aren't quite as bad when health care is free, you can't easily lose your job due to worker protections, and the dole will cover your butt if can't get out of bed.  ~Cheers

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Nina Caprez multi-pitch vid

My passion for climbing started as soon as I stepped into my first real climbing shoes, I knew that this is my sport.

I love my 'non-system' life. To be able to decide myself how I will earn my money, where I will live, when I will get up in the morning. To do what I need to do to survive. And most importantly: to enjoy every single day, with the least amount of seriousness as possible and to climb to my very best!

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Reinhold Messner Interview vid

The best climber of all time gives his take on who leads the way today, death, the afterlife and the secrets of his amazing success.

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Adam Ondra onsights 14c vid

Black Diamond athlete Adam Ondra went on an unstoppable onsight spree this past February and March in northern Spain, managing a stunning five 8c+ routes onsight. Five! Only Ondra’s fellow BD team member Patxi Usobiaga has managed a 5.14c onsight, and that was just one.

We sent ace lensman Bernardo Gimenez to document Ondra’s onsighting at the mega-crag of Oliana, and he was fortunate enough to be rigged and ready when Ondra onsighted Mind Control (8c+), a gorgeous, 40-meter tufa/colonette/pocket line that was soaking wet on top. Gimenez had a pulley system set up and was able to capture the onsight in one single, flowing take, producing a truly unique record of one of the hardest sport-climbing onsights ever.  

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Sweden Climbing vid

We followed Said Belhaj when he showed his good friend Dani Andrada around on the Swedish west coast for ten days. They climbed some of the old classic routes and also tried some of the projects the area has to offer.

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Life of Leo vid

"Signs of Passing Time", "And The Screen Turned Red", "Stone", "San Joaquin"

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Adam Ondra Frankenjura vid

Enjoy this short movie about Adam Ondra doing the acrobatic 9a in Frankenjura!  This route will have no space in our upcoming movie about the young legend, but anyway, it is worth seeing it, Adam climbed it on the 2nd try!

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Alex Huber free solo vid

Alex Huber free solo's the route, Murciana (VII+ or 5.10+) in Riglos, Spain.

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The Fall

"Fall. From Glory to Grace."

A short film that chronicles the events surrounding a huge fall taken by an ice climber in New Hampshire.

8For more information on the multiple, egregious errors committed by these climbers, check-out Will Gadd's blog response here.

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Jen Venon 14a sport vid

In the last 10 years, Vennon has risen to become one of the top female sport climbers in the U.S. while holding down a full-time job as a Kindergarten teacher. “I love Kindergarten,” Vennon says. “Those kids are the only people who think I’m funny.”

She is one of the few women to have ticked the elusive 5.14 grade in Rifle with her recent (second female) ascent of the 7 P.M. Show (5.14a), in addition to ticking off some difficult, sandbagged 5.13d’s there as well such as Living in Fear, Gropius, Simply Read and Slice of Life.   Vennon, however, likes to say that her weakness in climbing is her “weakness,” and that “if there’s an easier way to do a move, you’ll be sure I will figure it out.” Climbing for her isn’t about competitive performance, but rather it’s a lifestyle and a way to be outdoors, testing her personal limits in the natural world.

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Khumbu Climbing School vid

Namaste translates as the "inner light in me salutes the inner light in you", or "Hi."

This is a two hour speed edit that captures the vibe of the Khumbu Climbing School that I put together to show the students on their graduating night.

If this piques your curiosity, please check out

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Pembroke seaside trad vid

This past fall, Black Diamond athletes Dave Macleod and Tim Emmett ventured to the ultra-scenic crags of Pembroke, South Wales, a place known not only for its bold, beautiful lines on striking seaside cliffs, but for its notoriously finicky conditions that can make redpointing an exercise in extreme patience. The video gives an intimate look at the intricacies of UK climbing and details Dave and Tim's efforts on some of Pembroke's best (and headiest) routes, including Dave Pickford's The Brother Karamazov (E9 6c).

"Baby" by cdk
"Pangea" by Professor Kliq

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Sharma flashing 14a vid

This video includes a flash ascent of the route Infinity Lane by Chris Sharma that took place  during the Petzl Roctrip Millau 2009, in Gorges de La Jonte.
Chris flashed the 90-meters route, graded 8b+ (14a).

Infinity Lane is a something new we thought up for the 2009 Millau Natural Games. The two Ultimate Routes, located at the Cathédrale in the Gorges de la Jonte (Aveyron, France), are actually three-pitch sport lines that the participants have to link together into one long, single pitch. The grade is about 8a (90 meters) for the women and 8b+ (90 meters) for the men.  Climbers had four days to link the route. They weren't allowed to work the moves - once a climber fell, she or he was lowered to the ground and had to start over from the beginning the next day.

Martina Cufar and Florence Pinet both onsighted the Women's Ultimate Route.  Dani Andrada and Mickaël Fuselier made it almost to the top before falling near the anchors on the men's route.  However it took Chris Sharma only one try to get to the top...

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Smitten teaser vid

Are you smitten with Smitten? Prepare for the white knuckle, action packed, thrill ride of 2011. Staring Australia's best Rock Climbers and BASE jumper.
Produced by Ed Thornhill.
Music by:

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Hidden Peak descent vid

Watch The North Face athletes Simone Moro, Denis Urubko and Cory Richards on their descent from the summit of GII (Gasherbrum 26,509')  to Base Camp.

Produced by STORY.teller COLLECTIVE
Filmed and edited by Cory Richards

Music by Green Button Music -

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