Daila Ojeda A Muerte

Take an inside look at the life of Daila Ojeda – Living in Spain with her boyfriend Chris Sharma and their sweet black-lab. She explains why she climbs on Sterling Rope and chooses the Fusion Nano 9.2 as her rope of choice. Daila shares her attitude that to climb with passion and motivation is the most important thing for climbing. As she tells us in her team bio “If you are psyched and you climb ‘A muerte’ you will be strong.

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Why Do You Climb

Sometimes the most simple questions are the hardest to answer... Our Ambassador Joe Kinder and Colette McInerney kept their camera handy to ask a few folks the question "Why do you climb?".

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JStar Algorithm

filmed & edited by: Andy Mann & Keith Ladzinski (3 Strings)
A short film documenting Jonathan Siegrist on the first ascent of Idaho's hardest route, "Algorithm" 5.14d (9a), on September 8th 2012.

"I could not fall. I think by the end I was screaming at every move - more nervous than tired - but definitely tired. I clipped the chains with swollen forearms and bleeding tips. 'Algorithm' 14d was born. Idaho's hardest pitch, and one of the proudest F.A.s of my career." - Jonathan Siegrist

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Zombie Roof Free Solo

Perry Beckham and Will Stanhope explain the history behind Peter Croft's first ascent of the Zombie Roof [5.12d] in Squamish, B.C. and the process behind Will completing the first free-solo of the route.

Filmed & Edited by David Pearson

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Sasha DiGiulian Utah

Sasha DiGiulian, Sport Rock-Climbing National Champion on her visit to Southern Utah to the Cathedral where she climbed the 5.14B route "Golden."

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Patrick Edlinger Tribute

Patrick Edlinger ricorda l'amico Patrick Berhault e l'arrampicata come felicità e gioco sulla roccia.
Patrick Edlinger remembers his friend Patrick Berhault and talks about his happiness and the game of climbing.

Video by Vinicio Stefanello (Planetmountain.com) & Francesco Mansutti (Studio Due) for the Trento Film Festival 2009.

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The Urban Climber

A documentary on Jacob Weinstock, The Urban Climber, which follows him on two climbs and helps us understand him a little more.
Written, Directed, Shot, Produced, Edited, and Color Corrected by Chad Peters.

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Chris Sharma Mindfulness vid

Chris Sharma & Mark Coleman wrap up the Inside Game series with a talk about mindfulness. After struggling on a tough boulder problem multiple times & eventually topping out, it becomes apparent that a shift in Chris's awareness, energy & concentration makes all the difference. A great reminder that what we learn from climbing can help influence our approach to cruxes in our daily lives.

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Alizee Dufraisse Siurna vid

Alizée Dufraisse finds her sense of place on the steep limestone routes of Siurana, Spain. From pole vaulting to classical piano, when she puts her mind to something, it's on. Her fun loving, positive attitude and powerful, yet graceful physique has helped her push the limits of women's sport climbing.

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Protect Canyonlands vid

Moab, Utah business owners and other locals talk about the importance of protecting the region surrounding Canyonlands National Park.

Visit www.greatercanyonlands.org to get involved.

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Cochamo' Chile Rock vid

Los hermanos Señoret; Cristobal (Tola) y Joan (Joao) visitaran Cochamo, el paraíso sudamericano de las fisuras, se proponen escalar en Trinidad Sur "Grantler" (5.11C), abierta el año pasado por una cordada de alemanes y "Pegadito a la Pared" (5.11D). Con una escalada muy técnica, Tola y Joao nos muestran el potencial de una zona excelente para el deporte, debido a la verticalidad de las paredes y cuya belleza impresionante, transmiten las hermosas tomas registradas por Benjamín Camus, de Acecine Producciones. 

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How to Place a Bolt vid

RapBolting.com presents an overview of placing a mechanical bolt sleeve bolt for use as a rock-climbing anchor.  This video covers the basics, including the equipment you will need, finding a safe and suitable placement for the bolt, and installing a Powers Power-Bolt in the rock.  

Eli says, "if you're going to commit one of the ultimate climbing sins, at least do it correctly".

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Will Stanhope Indian Creek FA's

Last spring, Arc'teryx athlete Will Stanhope headed to Utah's desert kingdom to headpoint established routes and find a few of his own. "You don't really need to go on the full spirit quest and wander out into the middle of nowhere to find new routes," says Stanhope. At Indian Creek, it's a matter of looking between the established lines.

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Sarah Watson Yosemite vid

prAna climber Sarah Watson shares her personal journey from falling in love with climbing, to having it all go away due to illness and injury, to coming back with a new appreciation for the simple things she took for granted. Her video, shot in the awe inspiring Yosemite Valley, shares some wonderful lessons that we can all relate to.

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Argentina RocTrip vid

In 2012, for the 10th anniversary of the Petzl RocTrip, we are heading to the Piedra Parada site in Argentina. In this wild and arid landscape, the singular 200-meter monolith and meandering La Buitrera Canyon have seduced our route-finders.

At the end of March 2012, a team of 30 climbers from Team Petzl and from Argentina put up over 100 new sport and trad routes to explore between the sun and the shade. The climbing is on red volcanic rock with excellent friction and with air pockets that have turned into beautiful "agugero" holds.

The participants will camp in the wilderness in spring conditions, two steps from the Chubut River. The Campo de la Buitrera will be set up as a basecamp for welcoming the "Gauchos of the vertical world.

For a virtual tour of the site, just go to Piedra Parada, Argentina on Google maps. The site is indicated with a star and "Rock climbing" on the Nelles Map 1: 2,500,000 Argentina South - Patagonia Uruguay. GPS coordinates: 42.6601°S 70.1024°W

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Lynn Hill Conservation

A legendary Colorado climber speaks out on the 2012 election.

The Romney / Ryan budget proposal calls for liquidating millions of acres of America's public lands.

If elected, Gov. Romney would "reverse the trend of public ownership of lands."

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