International Climbing


                                     "A sample of our favorite climbing experiences from around the world."
  • Mallorca Rocks

    Mallorca, Spain is the small island, part of the Balearic Islands which sit off the eastern coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.  Our short visit here in January of 2009 was a scouting trip for further and longer adventures in this mind-blowing limestone island landscape.

  • British Rock

    Sheffield is the climbing capital of this small country due to its proximity to the highest concentration of gritstone and limestone cliffs in England.  The style of climbing is completely different between these two mediums and makes for a great contrast.  The countryside outside the city is forever green as can be the cliffs during the wet months, which could include all the months of the year.

  • French Limestone

    Climbing and ski mountaineering are very popular sports in France and sport-climbing was practically invented here along with the art of bouldering and the pursuit of ski mountaineering.  Chamonix and La Grave are two of the better known French mountain towns along with the gorges of the Verdon, the soaring cliffs of Ceuse and the jagged island of Corsica- France is a climber and skier's dream come true.

  • Mexican Climbing

    Mexico is a great place for the climber and traveller to sample high altitude on the volcano's of the central highlands and the experience of rock climbing in Portrero Chico is world-class.

  • Thailand Tufa Pulling

    Thailand has one of the most inviting cultures and tasty cuisine.  Combine these with some of the best rock climbing in the world and put a gorgeous beach with warm waters- what could be more perfect?

  • Ecuadorian Andes

    Ecuador contains some of the most spectacular and highest volcanoes in the world.  The three largest: Cayambe, Cotopaxi, and Chimborazo all present climbing challenges at a moderate technical difficulty.  Chimborazo, the largest is also considered the furthest point from the center of the earth. The food, accomodations, and rich Andean culture here are very enjoyable and the climbing is spectacular.

  • The Andes of Peru

    The Peruvian Andes are the Alps of South America and Huaraz it's Chamonix. From here, the possiblities are endless, from virgin field of erratic boulders, to alpine big walls and of course some of the most jagged and pyramidal  high mountains of the world.    A trip here is not to be missed, and once you've been, you'll have to return again and again.


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