We are opening a guest house (floor) in late February at our home in Ciales, located close to town and shopping and just minutes from the crag of Caliche that contains some of the best limestone sport climbing on the Enchanted Island.

Surrounded by gardens, this one bedroom but spacious downstairs has two private entrances, a full kitchen with stove, and bathroom with outdoor shower.  One full-sized queen bed and two day beds plus a few hammocks provide sleeping options for 4 or up to 6 people, cooled by ceiling fans and mountain air.

Frogs, birds, crickets, dogs, chickens, and salsa music punctuate the tropical air throughout the day and night providing ambient sound and texture to Caribbean dreaming.  It is 45 minutes driving to the airport and night life in San Juan, 15 minutes to the beach, 2 minutes to a great limestone crag (Caliche), and caves plus rivers and waterfalls surround this gateway to the mountains.

Lodging prices are $35 (US) for one person or $110 total for a group of  up to four people. Reservations required, contact:  eli@climbinglife.com to reserve a space.  Lodging is communal based on 4 person occupancy.  You can reserve the entire space for the $110 price.

We’re happy to assist with making your trip to the Enchanted Island the best possible!