Cool Summer Climbing in the Heart of the Rockies

Rock Climbing in the Estes Park Valley

Of all the places in Colorado that are rock climbing destinations, Estes Park is at the top of the list with more than a thousand different rock routes of all lengths and difficulties.

Whether you are a beginning  or seasoned climber, there is something for everyone on the many cliffs that surround the charming mountain hamlet of Estes Park.

When the temperatures are high everywhere else, the cool mountain air of Estes Park is a great escape from the heat and the perfect place to hone one’s skills in the heart of the Colorado Rockies.

All of the rock climbing in Estes Park is above 7500′ in elevation and with views of the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding valleys, this is an incredibly scenic location to experience the vertical world.

estes park rock climbing


With a private guide you can:

  • Climb at your own convenience to fit your schedule.


  • Learn and practice skills that meet your needs and abilities including:
  1. Top-Rope Anchoring
  2. Protection placements
  3. Trad Lead Climbing
  4. Multi-pitch Climbing
  5. Sport Leading
  6. High-angle Rescue
  7. Big-wall techniques
  8. Refine movement and mental concentration
  • Get in as many pitches of climbing as you want, on all the classic routes that you’ve been wanting to do.
  • Have a partner who is a professional coach, able to manage risk to a high level and help increase your abilities and techniques.
  • Increase your abilities and push your limits in a safe, supportive environment.

2015 Price Schedule (per person)

1/2 day (4 hrs)    Full Day (9 hrs) 

       1 climber                        $170                                 $330                                        

     2 climbers                      $130                                $240                                        

3 climbers                    $100                                 $190                                 

        4-5 climbers                   $85                                  $155

Please call with questions or to book your next rock climbing day:

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